Additive Rocket Corporation (ARC)

The Additive Rocket Corporation (ARC) 3D prints metal rocket engines for the space industry. The ARC team is dedicated to providing value to satellite manufacturers, launch service providers, and government agencies through their expertise in additive manufacturing and optimization of fluid and heat flow. Co-founder and CEO: Andy T. Kieatiwong

Canvass Labs

Canvass Labs is a software company focused on developing enterprise solutions for Open Source Software scanning and analysis using a data driven, deep learning and natural language processing approach.

CARI Therapeutics

Transforming scientific innovation into health care advances.

Data Hinge (Golf AI)

Coming Soon…


Change the future of surgery

Genius Gyms

Genius Gyms is a ground-breaking new way to improve brain & body health by exercising through the application of the latest technology and neuroscience.

inFocus Networks

High-bandwidth network fabrics made possible through fundamentally new hardware, software, and services.

Learning Equality

Learning Equality is committed to enabling every person in the world to realize their right to a quality education, by supporting the creation, adaptation and distribution of open educational resources, and creating supportive tools for innovative pedagogy.


Precise wireless indoor navigation and positioning technology for portable devices


SciCrunch was designed to help communities of researchers create their own portals to provide access to resources, databases and tools of relevance to their research areas. A data portal that searches across hundreds of databases can be created in minutes. Communities can choose from our existing SciCrunch data sources and also add their own.  SciCrunch was designed to break down the traditional types of portal silos created by different communities, so that communities can take advantage of work done by others and share their expertise as well.

Surgical Simulations

Coming Soon…


VirBELA is an educational design organization that provides innovative learning technologies to enhance global educational experiences that empower individuals, teams, and organizations. Our model allows for a level of engagement and participation that can typically only be achieved with face-to-face instruction. Our proprietary immersive 3D campus, which supports blended learning and big data assessment, is highly customizable to meet the branding and educational needs of our clients. Our mission is to transform learning for everyone, everywhere.

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